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Best Camera Grip for iPhone

There’s no denying that the smartphone’s camera is showing signs of improvement and better for each era, however, what’s a poor photography geek to do about controllability? Mingo’s Kickstarter-financed Picture is launching soon, and may be only the thing to educate the iPhone some extra photography aptitudes. “Smartphones have awesome cameras,” says Sean Henry, the photography business veteran who breathed life into Pictar. “But the innovative users of the smartphones, the functions are either difficult to get to or hidden.”

Pictar is the greatest ever solution to this problem. Furthermore, it has a solid grip having a shutter button and three control wheels for the iPhone. One wheel is for controlling the Zoom, the other is operational for many other functions, and the last one is the exposure return wheel. There is an exposure/focus lock on shutter button just like the typical cameras have. And, it captures the photograph when you fully depress the shutter button.

Best Camera Grip for iPhone

The way Pictar communicates with the phone is worth appreciating. Pictar is the elegant solution for the headphone socket less iPhone. It works with its app by playing the sound of high-frequency, which are not audible to the human ear.  In return, the iPhone app uses the built-in microphone to communicate accordingly.

It gives the feeling of reprieve by considering oneself capable of adjusting the wheels instead of clicking the multi-touch. The product makes the iPhone much more proficient piece of the photographic kit, which is an utmost success by Miggo.

Best Camera Grip for iPhone

This all does not mean that this product is the perfect piece; there are drawbacks too. The shutter button is a bit stiff, and it is little hard to judge whether the picture has been captured or not. Similarly, the wheels also feel cheaper than its price that is $120.

I hope Miggo would either drop the price or increase the quality in its second version to be on the top in the industry. The company confirms that they will start the shipping in this December. If anyone wants to get it on the prior basis, pre-order it earlier without being late!

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