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Best Android Games to Play in September 2016

It is just about the time that I should start suggesting you top android games of the month of September, which is definitely going to offer a helping hand while looking for the right games for you. Just like the mixed feel of departing summers and approaching winters of September, I have chosen some diverse playoffs for you that vary from ancient medieval-theme to a four-player RPG to a fantasy tale. Here we go,

Reign by Devolver Digital

No. 1: Reigns

As the name suggests, this strategy based card game by Devolver Digital is all about laying claim and balancing the matters of the kingdom, while playing the King. But there is one thing that distinguishes it from many other medieval games out there, and that is the negotiation strategy, as opposed to battling the matters out. Being the king, you have to solve the matters related to population, religion, army and treasury by negotiating with various characters including, knights, clerics, pheasants and even witches. Successful dialogues result in longer reign over the land.

The beauty of Reigns is its simplicity, where you make the decision by swiping the cards of the characters either to the right or to the left. If one of the four elements is depleted, you die and have to start all over again to claim the throne.

Fortress Legends by Namco Bandai


No. 2: Fortress Legends

RPG fans are probably going to feel haughty after playing this very game. Coming from Namco Bandai, Fortress legends deals with diverse genres. This game is isometric and fashions battle and base-defending factors; dealt with looting, magic and fantasy characters of high reputation. With tactical defense strategies and outrageous brawls, Fortress Legends has much appeal for gamer.

Mobius Final Fantasy by Square Enix

No.3: Mobius Final Fantasy

With the creation of this game, Square Enix has proven that their product can do more than serving as a cash-in. Played on a smart phone; this game actually looks like a console game in the vertical position. The environment, animation, and characters in Mobius Final Fantasy are all composed of high-resolution as compared to all bigger android games out there.

This game has its focus on the card collection and battles. You have to travel along the milestones set on the map, battling your way through, gaining levels and skills. It keeps your interest held with its episodic levels.

So here you go, keep searching, keep playing and stay tuned to techloonies.com for more updates!


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