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Innovative Bendable Smartphones By Lenovo

Gone are the days when smart watches were the talk of the town. Upcoming New Year has some novel and stylish stuff in store for us like, Bendable Smartphone; for instance.

The aforementioned Bendable Smartphones have left the concept of curved phones way behind. Lenovo has emerged as a concept of Bendable Smartphones that can be worn around the wrist like watches. These Smartphones have segmented bodies and flexible screens that help the structure bend deftly and around the wrist and will be easy to carry around.

Officially called as CPlus, the phone will be available in two different sizes small and large. The phone is still not in production but it will support Android operating system with 4.26 inches flexible display and will be available in 12 vibrant colors.

The concept of the flexible display is not new in the market. Nokia, LG, and Samsung have done similar experiments in the past but those experiments remained experiments until now.

The most formidable challenge in gadgets like these has been the placement of the batteries. However, Lenovo has been proven itself to be the ice breaker and we wish it luck in its way to success.


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