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AT&T “Ultimate Plan” Offers Free Access to Games of Thrones

Coming as a big surprise for all the GoT fans , AT&T is winning the hearts over with its “Ultimate Plan” giving free of charges access to Games of Thrones.

The giant service provider AT&T declared on Wednesday that for all the customers who will be subscribing to its “Ultimate Plan”, HBO streaming will be given to them without extra cost. Furthermore, wireless-only customers can get this premium channel facility through HBO Go app or DirecTV, while customers having U-Verse TV or DirecTV account will get it added to their lineup. The promotion offer can be grabbed now. With this offer, the existing and new customers will get HBO. But those of you who are already an AT&T video subscribers, you will no longer pay for HBO.


The all-you-can-have option was a taboo some years back however, this trend seems to be ebbing away now. The purpose of the promotion is to get more customers to switch from wireless carriers. Past few months have seen cut down or decline in the rates of various internet plans; Verizon proposed unlimited video streaming with its unlimited plan, T-Mobile made its unlimited plan tax free and even eliminated the fees, Sprint made free both and now AT&T has lowered the prices on its unlimited internet plan. 

The $25 monthly video plan towards U-Verse or DirecTV is still being offered by AT&T to attract the customers towards multiple services. While the Unlimited Plus Plan is the higher-end version of AT&T’ unlimited internet option, which offers 10GB mobile hotspot access and  HD video streaming without any speed restriction. It costs $90 for a single line, $145 for 2 lines and for every addition line; $20.

The purpose of the company is to provide more than just wireless services. Rather than viewing it as an internet service provider, AT&T aims to change its reputation as a grooming entertainment hub. In 2015, it bought DirecTV for $49 billion and now working to acquire HBO’s parent Time Warner, which might cost up to $85.5 billion.





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