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AT&T Is Taking Over Time Warner

Rumors had it that AT&T might be taking over our favorite Warner Bros. I, like many others, had a mixed reaction to this speculation. But it’s today that the Wall Street Journal has actually confirmed it; AT&T taking over Time Warner for a deal of more than $80 billion. Although Time Warner (whose subsidiaries HBO, Warner Bros. and more are also going away with it) or AT&T has yet to confirm the news officially but the Journal has said and we trust it.

According to the WSJ, the people involved in the matter are of the view that that acquisition of Time Warner won’t be getting closed till late 2017. Moreover, a regulatory review can be expected due to the ample size of the deal.

AT&T Is Taking Over Time Warner

For those who are not well aware of who Time Warner is, it has a major part to play when it comes to movies, comics, video games and TV serial production. CNN, HBO, Warner Bros, DC Comics and much more work under its name.

Early as it is to assume what is going to happen and what changes might come with the new management, it surely is going to change the way things have been carried on till now at Time Warner.

On the other hand, the current employees might opt to leave or lose their jobs, as AT&T would like to bring in some of their own regimes. Nonetheless, the news is big and has been welcomed with both positive and negative reviews.

Stay tuned for more news!

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