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Apple’s High-End Mac Pro Desktop Are Back

Apple had almost forgotten about its high-end Mac Pro desktop. The cylindrical desktop tower, designed for a professional content creation audience. It was first introduced in 2013 but remained unchanged ever since. Apple apologizes for the long wait for new Mac Pro and explained that the Apple engineering team has attempted to come up with a design for a system that can easily and efficiently be upgraded.

The Apple Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing “Phill Schiller” said:

“What happened with the Mac Pro if we’ve had a pause in upgrades and updates, we’re sorry for that, and we are going to come out with something great to replace it”.

Apple has finally given professional Mac user a reason for optimism. As part of a one-two punch of Pro-level update announcements. Apple updated the processors and RAM on the Mac Pro this week. The company also revealed that an entirely new Mac Pro desktop design is in the works. It sounds like something closed to the basic desktop tower Mac Pro, but that future system is still a way off.

What will be expected in new Mac Pro?


As the fact that Apple has found it necessary to go back to the drawing board with the Mac Pro, it seems likely that we can expect a whole new design for the upcoming mac Pro.

During a briefing “Federighi” said that;

“We didn’t start with a shape, well, here’s the fastest machine we can put in that box. We actually started with a target for performance and came up with what I think was a very clever design of that thermal core and thermal architecture to accommodate what we thought was the right power architecture.”


The 2013 Mac Pro features dual workstation-class GPUs. The Dual AMD FirePro D300 with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM each in the Quad-Core version, and Dual AMD FirePro D500 with 3GB GDDR5 VRAM each in the 6-core model. There’s also a build-to-order option of the Dual AMD FirePro D700 GPUs with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM each.

AMD showcased new its new FirePro w-series at SIGGRAPH in August 2014. The FirePro W7100, W5100 may find their way into the new Mac Pro. Alternatively, there are significantly fast graphics based on AMD’s Fury platform that may be destined for the new Mac Pro.


The current Mac sports is Thunderbolt 2 ports which mean this Mac can be connected to up to three 4K displays.

mac pro pords

There’s also 4 USB 3 ports; Dual Gigabit Ethernet; and an HDMI 1.4 UltraHD, as well as a combined optical digit audio output/analog line out mini-jack; headphone mini-jack with headset support; HDMI port supports multichannel audio output and a built-in speaker.


Currently, there is 256GB PCIe-based flash storage as standard in both standard Mac Pro models, with an option to add 512GB SSD or 1TB SSD.

We’d like to see more storage as standard on Mac Pro, as the target audience tend to be working with very large files. An option for 2TB flash storage would be nice.


The current models offer 12GB RAM in the Quad-Core model and 16GB in the 6-Code model as standard. It can be extended up to 64GB RAM(four slots of 16GB). 64GB RAM may seem a lot, but some of these Dell workstations can accommodate up to 1TB of DDR4 RAM. We hope that the next generation of Mac Pros will be configurable to more than 64GB


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