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Apple’s New TV App is Live Now

Apple’s New TV App for its iPhone, TVs, and iPads has made it easier to find the TV shows and the desired movies among various apps. It shows the content from all of your subscribed supported apps, the content which you have purchased from your iTunes, and the new apps which offer video.

This app has been introduced this fall while offering you to help in keeping track of your favorite shows which were searched through different apps and iTunes. The idea of centralizing this app came at the time when there are an increased number of apps are available for streaming video on tablets, mobile phones, and other devices.

Since you have to authenticate the app with the pay TV provider, it is difficult to remember that which application shows your favorite films or programs.

Apple’s New TV App has been introduced to simplify the process of watching the videos on Apple’s iPhone, TV, and on the iPads with the experience which gives the feeling of Netflix front-end to the broad range of content which is available across all the applications.

Apple’s New TV App has a number of features which help you to find the videos easily. You can simply tell Siri about the game which you want to watch with Live Tune-in with Siri. You can also ask about the on games, or the names of the shows which you want to watch.it will launch the stream, without the requirement of navigating to the live streams from the option of TV app self.

If you are indecisive that what should you watch, you can get help from Siri by asking things such as show me the holiday movies or what should be the best program to watch tonight?

The various sections of Apple’s New TV App help you find that what you might like. A section “Watch Now” has all the movies and shows from your apps and iTunes, however, “Up Next” indicates you to choose those shows which you are currently watching or new purchases which you have made.

Apple’s New TV App works on all the 4th generation Apple TV, and it will also come in the latest version of the smartphone software.

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