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Apple’s New Touch Bar MacBook Pro

Apple has launched Touch Bar MacBook Pro, which is lighter, thinner, and with the fingerprint scanner. It has also continued the rollout of USB-C of Apple, which was introduced last year with MacBook.

Touch Bar is a new feature of the Touch Bar MacBook Pro. The strip is glossy, but not slick. It is frictionless enough to run a finger on it with little effort. It is the great change in the design. The touch panel is placed above the keyboard which is a replacement of the “F” keys. It also allows the dynamic shortcuts to work like volume control and the window management.

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Apple, Phil Schiller, said: “It’s a retina display, multi-touch, responding to gestures and taps. We call it Touch Bar. First, it replaces the standard system functions, but it goes way beyond that. It adapts to whatever software you’re using.”

Apple’s New Touch Bar MacBook Pro

The right side of the Touch Bar has the Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner which is integrated into the power button. It is just like the one which is fitted in iPad and iPhone. It can also be used for unlocking the laptop as well as confirming the payments. The new Force Touch trackpad is double in size than the previous one.

The touch Bar just like iOS pops up the often used emojis by default. One can scroll through these emojis. It is quite responsive and quick. The Touch Bar can also be used for navigation in the browsers, text suggestions, and photo manipulation while typing.

Apple’s New Touch Bar MacBook Pro

The new Touch Bar MacBook Pro has a quad-core processor, 16GB RAM, and 256 GB of storage. It also has a graphic chip which is an AMD Radeon Pro 450. It offers more than 4GB of the video RAM, 60 percent faster gaming, 130 percent 3D graphics and 57 percent faster video editing.

Though the specification and design of Touch Bar MacBook Pro are jaw dropping but dropping the idea of ports has always proved troublesome in near past. Introducing USB-C is a good option since it has been already used by Android tablets and smartphones.

The company must be hoping to return the Mac line to the second place behind the iPhone in revenue.

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