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An All-New-Look Of Steam Is All Set For Launch; Check Out The Modifications

Do you know that your favorite game-hub Steam, is about to undergo a comprehensive overhaul?  That’s right. Valve, the creator of this gaming-nucleus, let slip this news in an apparent leak that revealed about the modifications to be done to the UI, digital storefront and the filter section of Steam.

Nzme32, One of the Neogaf user, stated that the overhauled UI will face new methods of games surfacing, removal of visual clutter and addition of huge images.

Some of the changes according to the leak are as follows,

The older methods of giving an impression run to a single game, on the storefront, a million times before recycling it to evacuate the space for a newer game did work out well. Now Valve has decided to highlight the game titles so that every game developers and gamers would check out the game of their interest. This indirectly means that not every game would be visible on the storefront to the user now; rather it will be visible according to the concern of the searcher.

The column on the left for navigation is also going to go through a transition as it will now feature special and new releases, game updates and a new feature; new friend’s activity feed. Valve is lifting this feature from home consoles’ playbook and integrating it on the Steam’s storefront.

Furthermore, the all-new-look of Steam will have its Global Customer Preferences which will allow the users to select the product type according to their required specifications. Moreover, the all-new-look of Steam store will have a modified curator presence. This means that following multiple curators will result in highlighted select curator titles all the while exhibiting on the storefront to endorse games for the players.

The upcoming changes by Valve seem promising and would facilitate the gamers more than before. What I am waiting for that they converse the appearance of the Big Picture Mode dashboard. Currently, valve is enjoying the tremendous feedback after breaking this news, and would roll out the transformed UI of the Steam within coming few weeks.

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