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Amazing PC Games Releasing In October

Hello, everyone! You all are going to really like this article as I have sought the upcoming PC games for the month of October for you. Of course, it’s not possible to keep track of every game that is about to strike a pose in the market, yet I have tried my best to tell you about the best games to look forward to next month. So check them out,

1.Game: Mafia 3

Release date: 7th October

This game here is going to be a certain choice of the players because of cinematic narrative. Opening in the New Orleans, the game responds to the actions taken by Lincoln, who moves with intentions of taking revenge, establishing criminal gangs.

2. Gears of War 4 (The Coalition)

Release date: 11th October

The game will be compatible with Windows 10 only, and is a mean and masculine undercover shooter sets out on missions as the human race strives to survive. This game is a result of collaboration between Microsoft and The Coalition.

3. Game: Moto Racer 4

Release date: 13th October

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game comes loaded with multiplayer modes and 15 individual players.  It features powerful bike races and Motocross on the asphalt. Some of the various challenges in the game are huge crashes, speed and entertainment and aerial maneuvers.

4. Game: Battlefield 1 (DICE)

Release date: 21st October

The game is set in the past when World War 1 was on the loose with class-based and vigorous destruction modes, however, multiplayer for French army is missing for some unknown reasons.

5. Game: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Dimps)

Release Date:  25th October

All set to release next month, a series of Dragon Ball franchise, the feels like its predecessor when it comes to playing it. The fighting will take place inside 3D arenas which are built in various locations of the Dragon ball world.

So get ready to lay your hands on these new releases as soon as they come out and stay connected for more upcoming games and updates.

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