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5 Ways To Cut Back Data Usage On iPhone

The only way iPhone owners can opt to save their data usage is to stop data hungry apps which are killing their data usage. There are five ways that can help them in keeping their monthly data allocation in control. These wars are following:

Disable Updates of Your Cellular App

The first step to saving the data usage is to turn off the automatic updates of the app. Make sure that these apps update only when the WiFi is on. First, go the setting, then click on iTunes and then App Stores and turn off the “Use Cellular Data.”

5 Ways To Cut Back Data Usage On iPhone

Disable the Background Apps Refresh

Apps for iPhone can update in the background while grabbing the new content as they remain idle so they can display the latest news to you whenever you go to them. Click on setting, go to background app and refresh. Then you can this setting off completely or simply go to the la carte route from the list and select the required app updates in the background.

Disable the Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi Assist is the best feature of iPhone which hands off the weak signal to the cellular network to prevent the pages from loading slowly. If you are sitting next to a Wi-Fi connection at your workplace, if would assist you more than you’d like while running up your data charges.

Go to the setting, then cellular, and then scroll to the down and turn off the Wi-Fi Assist in order to disable the Wi-Fi Assist.

Disable the iCloud Drive on the Cellular

If you are using the iCloud Drive for shuttling the documents and other files in and out of the cloud, this transfer of data can also add to the bill if you have made the cellular connection. You can also restrict the iCloud Drive to the Wi-Fi by clicking on the setting, then iCloud Drive, and then scroll down and turn the “Use Cellular Data” off.

Download Music, but Don’t Stream

Streaming the podcasts or music for a long time stretches when you go away from the Wi-Fi and might add to the data storage quickly. Most of the podcasts and music apps restrict your streaming to Wi-Fi only that will force you to download the podcasts and the playlist before playing them.

For iPhone music, go to the setting, click on music. In the section of Streaming and Download, there are two settings if the first setting is enabled. “Use Cellular Data” helps you disable the streaming via a cellular connection.

For the iPhone podcasts, click on the setting, then podcasts and turn off the cellular data.

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