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16 Useful Google Apps and Tools You Never Knew Of

Google has become an integral part of our daily lives, whether we are looking for important information for our assignments or finding a way to a news restaurant in the town, we all look up to Google for help. We all believe that we are experts when it comes to enjoying the fruits of ardent researching with Google, but sorry to be insensitively straightforward, most of us are not. It’s not only using Google that makes one a good researcher but the skill and knowledge of the wonderful Google apps and tools,  in order to be an expert of Google.

So today, we at TechLoonies have gathered top most useful apps by Google for your treat. So read and use these apps that before now probably didn’t exist for you.

  1. Google Project Sunroof

This tool makes use of Google Earth Imagery to guide about the condition of your home, that either the conditions are favourable to install a solar panel on the rooftop or not. The tool also calculated the estimated money saved after installation by using the local weather conditions and your home address.

  1. Google Keep

It is an online tool and app that helps you making notes in the most colorful and interesting manner. All you have to do is make notes and Google will remember them for you.

  1. Gmailify

Google’s Gmail app lets you gather all your non-Gmail accounts like Yahoo!, Outlook, Hotmail or Aol. in your single Gmail inbox, so you don’t have to open everyone individually every time.

  1. Google Translate

Ever traveled to a new place and found yourself surrounded by foreigners with whom you were unable to communicate? Well, travelers around the world must hail Google with its Google translate app, which has resolved the communication issues. Not only you can translate your language into any of the hundreds of the languages of the world, but you can also listen to the pronunciation of it to carry on an error-free conversation with the natives. You can type, draw or point the camera of your device to the words to be translated and the app will do it for you instantly.

  1. Google Timer

Google timer helps you in setting the timer of your choice and informs you by ringing an alarm when the time is up.

  1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches for scholarly literature from a huge collection of peer review journals, books and scientific research papers for you. The literature also contains citations in different citation formats.

  1. Google Sky

Google sky acts as a telescope to let you watch the most beautiful outer space images. The app gives you the experience of actually viewing the Milky Way, constellations, galaxies and the complete solar system and get help from the latest astronomy researches.

  1. Think with Google

This app keeps you updated about the conditions and results of the market, insight into the ups and downs of the consumer trends and latest research.

  1. Google Arts & Culture

For art lovers, this is a heaven of artistic masterpieces and beautiful color schemes. You can enjoy the extraordinary details of the popular art projects online.

  1. Google Trends

It keeps you updated about the latest searching trends and helps you stay in touch with the fast moving world.

  1. Google Fonts

As the name indicates, this tool helps you in looking for the most suitable and desired font for you, through its hundreds of stored font designs.

  1. Google Sound Search

Those who have used Shazam will be aware of it since it works in the same manner. This tool listens to the song for a few seconds and gives the details of it.

  1. Panoramio

The self-explanatory name indicates that this app contains millions of photographs taken by the internet users around the world.

  1. Google Shopping

It helps you shop online from thousands of items from cosmetics to gadgets, around the globe.

  1. Build with Chrome

This is a fun app with which you can play virtual Lego. It’s a fun activity for both kids and adults equally.

  1. Google images

Now, this tool is the most comprehensive and reliable tool for browsing images. Not only it does it searches the images you are looking for but also complies with your demand of the size and resolution of the images. All you have got to do is drop an image in the box and it will do the rest of the work for you.

Enjoy and share these amazing Google apps, and don’t forget to drop your feedback.



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