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14 Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know If You’re A Twitter Addict

The next time you log in to Twitter to check out what’s happening around the globe, you can explore the Tweets much efficiently. Thanks to these keyboard shortcuts that we’ll be sharing with you below.

  1. Scrolling Up and Down

Press the spacebar to scroll down the Twitter feed. To move up the page, press SHIFT + spacebar

2. Move Up and Down while selecting Tweets individually

Press the J key to move to the next Tweet in the feed while selecting it individually. Pressing the K key will let you move back to the previous Tweet.

3. Refresh the Twitter timeline

Hitting the . [period] key will refresh the Twitter timeline and new Tweets will be loaded.

4. Expanding/Opening a Tweet

Press the Enter key with a selected Tweet to open it. Hitting the Escape button will close the Tweet.

5. Retweeting a Tweet

Press the T key with a selected Tweet to retweet it.

6. Replying to a Tweet

Press the R key with a selected Tweet to reply to it.

7. Liking a Tweet

Hit the L key with a selected Tweet to like it.

8. Composing a new Tweet

Pressing the N key will let you compose a new Tweet.

9. Blocking a user

Pressing the B key with a selected tweet will block the person who made that Tweet.

10. Composing a Direct Message

Press the M key to open the New Message window.

11. Using the Twitter Search Bar

Pressing the / key will place your cursor in the search bar of Twitter.

12. Muting a user

Pressing the U key with a selected Tweet will mute the person who made that Tweet.

13. The G key

Pressing the G key along with other keys lets you do interesting stuff. Pressing G+P will take you to your profile. Pressing G+N will take you to your notifications. G+H takes you to your home page, the Twitter feed.

14. Keyboard Shortcuts Help

If you can’t remember all these shortcuts, you may simply press Shift + ? anytime to see the list of Twitter keyboard shortcuts.


Happy Tweeting!!


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