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10 Ways Of Google Search That You Never Knew

With the rapid span of technology, access to knowledge of every field has become a piece of cake. There is not a single entity, which cannot be searched and understood with the help of competent search engines, and Google is the first name that comes to our mind. However, conducting a search on Google for your favorite recipes, books, information or any subject sometimes proves to be quite difficult. This happens because of the way you try to search for that particular piece of information in an utterly wrong way. We at TechLoonies understand your dilemma and have come to your rescue with 10 ways of Google search that you never knew.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Search Words

When you are looking for something of your interest but an unnecessary related word, keeps popping up, simply add a hyphen sign “-” before the word. For instance, if you are conducting a search on new laptops but are not looking for their prices, simply write this,


  1. Add Quotation Marks for specification

When looking for exact words, in the exact orders, simply frame them with “ ” marks. This will help Google understand that you need the words in the order they have been typed.

This sort of search is extremely useful for searching phrases and song lyrics.


  1. Look for similar Sites

If you have found some interesting stuff on a website and want to search for sites displaying the similar stuff, all you have to do is add the word “related” before the site title without any space.


  1. Searching for a specific URL or Title

When looking for a specific word in a URL, type “inurl:” before the word without any space. While looking for a specific searchable word in any article, type “intitle:” instead, before the real word without giving any space.


  1. Conducting a research in a Time Frame

This easy method comes handy when you are in a hurry and need to break down your search to as specific time or words as possible. If you want Google to search the information found in a certain time frame then add ellipses “…” between the required dates.


  1. Missing searching words

In case you can only remember bits of a sentence that you wish to search, write the first word and then “AROUND”, the estimated number of words that are missing for instance 5 and the last word you can remember.

For instance, “moonshine take us AROUND(3) tonight.”


  1. Asterisk is the greatest finder

Often we face a situation when we are unable to look for a certain keyword or number to start looking for it. This is where Asterisk “*” comes in. Adding asterisk where that forgotten word or number should have been can do wonders and help in your research effectively.


  1. Adding website title for specification

At times you aim to look for a particular article from a particular website but do not get the get the desired result. The easiest way to do so is to add the name of the website with an entire phrase or keyword of the article.


  1. Beating the synonym confusion

Synonyms can be productive and confusing at the same time. During an online search, the synonyms of the searching word can give you a hard time. In order to save time and hassle, add “~” to show what you are actually looking for.


10. “|” or ”or”

Sometimes we find ourselves at our wit’s end. We forget about the group or the particular name of the person or the thing we want to search. The solution to this problem is easy. All you’ve gotta do is add the “|” sign or you can add “or” instead to separate the two searching words. And you are easy to select the one you were looking for.


So here you go. Don’t forget to drop your opinion and keep up with TechLoonies for more interesting updates.

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