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10 Awesome Features Of Facebook You Might Not Have Known

You, me; we all are so into Facebook. Despite the emergence of various other social media platforms but there is something special about Facebook that we all ultimately are checking it every now and then whether for updates or for gossiping.

Some of us assume ourselves to be pro-Facebook user but the list of 10 awesome features of Facebook that we have compiled today will surely make you reconsider your claim. So let’s tuck in,


1. The “Other” Messages

As you click on the message icon you’ll find yourself landed in the recent or inbox of your Facebook. On the top right, you’ll find the ‘Message Request’. Click it and you’ll be facing another option; ‘Filtered Requests’. As soon as you open it you’ll be finding yourself into a world of messages from unknown people. Facebook sends all the messages, of those people who are not on your friend’s list, into this section. You may find funny and interesting messages there so check your ‘Other’ messages section now and have fun!


2. Hidden Emojis

Facebook converts most of the symbols, you put in the comment and status update box, into pictorial representation. The common emojis : ( : ) ^_^ :O are known by almost every user, however, there are more emoticons that are easy to make.

<(“) makes a ‘Penguin’

(y) makes ‘Thumbs-up’

:poop: Umm the word speaks for itself

(^^^) makes ‘The Great White Shark’

:|] makes a ‘Robot’

3:) makes a ‘Grinning Pig’


3. Check for Unauthorized Login

You can always check if someone has logged into your account without notifying you. Just go to your ‘Security Settings’; there you’ll see an option at the bottom showing the current and past logins with location and source.


4. File Transfer through Facebook Messenger

The small gear icon on the top of the messenger window has a secret button in it. If you click it, it will give you many options including ‘Add Files” option. This is your doorway to send your important documents and file; as simple as that.


5. Get a Documented History of your Life on Facebook

Fancy a complete history of everything you have ever shared or said on Facebook? And I mean everything including chats, videos, posts, images and this and that? Well, you can do this unbelievable thing by going into your ‘General Accounts Settings’ and clicking on the “Download a copy of your Facebook data” option. Follow the directions and ta da!

6. Check the History of your Relationship

Go to www.facebook.com/us and check out a detailed history of your relationship over Facebook with that special one. However, if you are not listed as being ‘In a relationship’ then I’m sorry to tell you that you cannot relish this option.


7. Choose your Predecessor on Facebook

 One day each one of us is going to die and our accounts will be left to be abandoned; forlorn in this hub of Facebook accounts…right? Wrong! Facebook has detected this problem and has sought out a solution for this. You can choose your predecessor over Facebook now who will manage your account after you die.

Go to Security Settings>Legacy Contact tab and select your chosen one. Also, you can choose to get your account deleted once you will bite the dust.

Your Chosen Legacy contact will be capable of updating your cover and profile picture, respond to friend requests and write a post (Pinned) from your profile. However, he will not have access to your all messages unless you give it to them.


8. Facebook Money transfer

Sending money through the Western Union is history now. Opt for more versatile sources now. You can send money through Facebook now. Generally, this feature is attached to messenger but can be utilized through regular Facebook.

Go to Settings and click on Payments>Ads Billing to jump into debit card selection. After acceptance of your request, you will be able to send funds through your messenger. For using this feature on facebook.com, open a conversation with the targeted person you want to send the money, and click on the dollar sign located at the bottom of the conversation window.


9. Birthday Cam for iOS Facebook

 Recently Facebook created a new feature for the iOS users, through which they can post a 15-second video message on a friend’s timeline. This option can be availed by visiting the friend’s timeline and locating small banner on the top for creating a birthday wishing video.


10. Embed Public Content

You can embed your favorite public posts. Just click on the small drop down arrow in the top right corner of any post and click on embed. You may then post the code at your desired location.

So these were some of the most awesome features that might help you in your daily Facebook use. Do enlighten us about your experience through your feedback. Happy Facebook surfing!


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Jenni Xenn

That Predecessor thing is most satisfying.. I’ve been looking for this.. :p ty buddy… 😉


Thanks so much for this post! I am so glad to see that there are new and different ways to use Facebook! I love that you can review your history with different people. This is a great use of digital content.

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