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10 Amazing Features Of Android Nougat you must know


Google has finally released Android Nougat AKA Android 7.0, but when will you get the upgrades? It all depends on upon the device you are using. If you are Nexus 5 user, sadly you are going to miss out the Android Nougat. As for the other Nexus phones like Nexus 5X onward;  it’s rolling out.

According to Google, “Nougat brings a number of new features to help make Android more powerful, more productive and more secure.”

Let’s take a look at the main features that Android 7.0 is offering.

  1. Split Screen

The most exciting and famous Android N feature is the split screen. You can use this by just holding multitasking button and select the app you want to use. It supports both landscape and portrait mode.

android 7.0 split screen

  1. Easy Navigation

Google just added a Clear All” integration, that is a pre-installed feature on every Android device. But that’s not all it does if you opened an app and by default jumped right back on the home paged, you just have to double-click the multitasking button to go back to that very app.

easy navigation

  1. Default Keyboard Themes

Bid goodbye to the old and boring keyboard; Android N is giving you an option to customize your keyboard or theme in any color or you can set any other background image to your keyboard.

keyboard themes

  1. Vulkan API (Performance Boost)

Gamers are going to love this new feature. It is a great addition to Android N which will improve the performance of the game in particular and are is also going to speed up your device. It also has a compiler in it, so while installing apps you will be able to install them 75 percent faster and they will take only half the space.


  1. Battery Optimization

There is a new feature called “Doze to go” ; when you are not using your device, your device will not go to consume resources until you actually pick up the device.


  1. Raise to wake

Similar to IOS-10 the new Android N also introduced the raise to wake” feature but, obviously for IOS it happens faster


  1. Improved setting

Android N not only offers a lot of clearer and easier settings but also gives you the preview for each setting in the setup page.


8.Quick replies

This is another similar feature to IOS-10. If you fold down the notification, you can reply directly from notification without going to the app.

android-7-0-nougat-review-bundled-notifications-quick-reply-840x4949.Quick center

After a long time, Android, at last, has presented you a very sleek and improved new look of quick center. You have toggles in here that you can activate.

10.Emoji makeover

The best part of chatting is how you can express your feeling through emoji. Android N gives a complete makeover to our favorite emoji. Now they look bubblier and more friendly.



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